Entitled Child Syndrome

This is the term I like to use to describe children who are so full of themselves, or think that the rules of polite society shouldn't apply to them. Children who have no respect for or show no respect to their parents, or any other person of authority. Children who, for some reason, think they're going to live off their parents for the rest of their lives. Children who, for want of better terminology, refuse to learn how to grow up.

Now,  I'm not going to sit here and point the finger of blame, since I, not being a psychiatrist, am certainly not qualified to do that, however, I do have an opinion, and it's my opinion that both the child and the parents are at fault. Allow me to explain,

I think what happens is the parents either begin to have problems in the marriage, or they’re already divorced. Once something like that happens, suddenly the parents are faced with enormous guilt, and as a result they begin to parent through guilt. They buy their kids everything they want, everything the parents themselves never had when they were children. They don’t discipline their children and give in to their temper tantrums. I realize it’s natural to want to give your children more than you had growing up, but is it really worth it if the cost is that they treat you like their slaves, if they never learn to take care of themselves, if they have no respect for you? Now I’m not saying that it’s only the parents fault, not by a long shot. If your child doesn’t know how to perform simple tasks by age 13, then it’s time to take that child to a psychiatrist and tell him/her that you think there may be something wrong with the way your child processes information, because he/she can’t seem to follow simple instructions. Now, I’m not that there is really something wrong with your child, but by taking him/her to see a doctor, your child will also learn that there’s nothing wrong with him/her. Once that’s not a concern anymore, you can get down to work to fix the real problem, your child’s entitled attitude.
I never had this problem, first I was raised by parents who made sure I and my two sisters showed them the respect they deserved. That is also how I brought up my son & daughter. However if I had children like that and I had and the doctor told me that there was nothing wrong with my son or dughter, my next move would’ve been to send him to a boarding school, someplace where he could learn respect for his elders, as well as self respect, and where he could learn to follow the rules of society, as well as academics.

And while you doing everything you can for your children, pray to God for help. God will always help you, all you have to do is ask him for the help, and trust that He will help you.

Whatever you decide to do, do something, because no doing anything isn’t working, nor will it ever work.

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