About Me

Hi, I’m Laura O’Neil, and this is my website.

I guess I’m like most of you, I’m a woman who feels strongly about a great many things. I’ve never really been able to stay on my path, but I enjoy helping others to stay on theirs.

I’ve had several jobs in my life, many were interesting, some I’ve liked, a few were downright boring, and one I truly loved. The one I loved was when I was a corporate travel agent. I got to tour hotels, stay at a few places free of charge, and one place, the Swissotel in Chicago, IL my husband and I were given a $2000/night suite complete with Chilled champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. It was the most spoiled I had ever felt.

When I was a child my family moved around a lot, in fact my father used to joke that we weren’t Roman Catholics, we were roaming Catholics. I had lived in Chicago Il, Lombard, Ill. Pembine Wisc. Oconto Falls Wisc, and Glendale Arizona before I was 18 years old. It was kind of interesting seeing new places, but it wasn’t without its downside. When you move around that much, it doesn’t really pay to make friends, because you know you’re not going to around long enough for the friendship to last.

I like most people feel very strongly about a great many things, It’s all a part of the Laura O’Neil package.